Lake Iliamna is the largest freshwater lake in Alaska, and one of the largest in North America, approximately the size of one of the Great Lakes, but completely surrounded by wilderness. This is a highly regulated trout management area, and home to the world's largest salmon run. Here, in the Bristol Bay Watershed, you will find incomparable rainbow trout fishing, as well as lake trout, pike, dolly varden, arctic char and arctic grayling. Talarik Creek Lodge has all the transportation tools necessary to get you on the fish. Depending on species, season and drainage, as well as specific itineraries, boats, aircraft and 4-wheel drive vehicles are utilized to transport clients from the lodge to the fishing areas.

Different salmon species are available throughout the season; the best overlaps take place from mid to late July.

  • King Salmon - the largest of the species - mid June to late July
  • Sockeye Salmon - hardest fighters - late June to early August
  • Pink Salmon - constant action on the line - mid July to mid August
  • Chum Salmon - full of endurance  - early July to mid August
  • Silver Salmon -most aggressive of the species - early August to end of season


These fish are in abundant supply the entire season.

  • Rainbow Trout - the sensational trophy fish
  • Arctic Char/Dolly Varden - one of the most impressive fighter sport trophy fish
  • Arctic Grayling - perfect for light tackle enthusiasts
  • Lake Trout - Alaska's largest fresh water fish, always a thrill to catch
  • Northern Pike - a challenging catch, their strike is ferocious

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